Best Facial Hair Remover

Removing Facial Hair

Whisk away unwanted facial hair safely at home.
However you look at it, women’s facial hair removal is not a feel-good topic. The stigma sometimes associated with female facial hair can make you feel self-conscious, affect your self-esteem, even make you wary of becoming romantically involved. The first thing to do is address why you grow facial hair in the first place.
The problem may be hereditary. Excess facial hair is fairly common in people from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or South Asian countries. There can be many medical reasons for excess facial hair in women.  One of the main causes is higher than normal levels of male hormones in the body.  Others, like weight gain, diabetes and polycystic ovaries, also encourage hair growth.  It’s a common problem.
Today’s electrolysis, laser or IPL hair removal treatments, are best left to the professionals. But women generally claim sole responsibility for removing hair from upper lips, cheeks and chins. At home is where many women have seemingly tried it all– tweezing, waxing, shaving and a number of other dubious methods and treatments. This article covers the pros and cons of the most popular methods.
Removing Unwanted Hair
Waxing has long been the fashionable method for removing hair, and a big variety of home wax kits are sold. Unlike body hair it doesn’t take long to realise that the facial area is too sensitive to wax regularly. It’s also easy to misjudge the temperature of the wax and cause serious damage. Wax is already very exfoliating and, if you’re currently using powerful exfoliators or enzymes on areas of your face, the expert advice is don’t wax.
Impatient? You might simply reach for the razor, yes, shaving is fast and easy, but you do get stubble. Unless you’re going through laser, electrolysis or are just desperate to get rid of those unsightly hairs, give shaving a miss. Otherwise, change your razor blade after every two to three shaves to ensure a good, close shave, and pull the skin taut to get the hair short as possible.
Tweezing is an easy and effective method that’s seen many of us clocking up hours in front of a magnifying mirror, tweezers in hand. The good news is tweezing plucks the hair at the root (quite satisfying in a curious way), isn’t overly painful and lasts a few days. But using tweezers is tedious and just can’t contend with a lot of hair growth. If you still persist, a good tip is to use tweezers with a slanted tip. They grip slight, hard-to-see hairs and don’t let go. Requires good lighting to ease eye strain.
So what about depilatory creams or lotions as advertised on TV? They seem safe enough and do deliver swift and soft hair removal. Finding the right cream however involves considerable trial and error, which can prove costly. Also the harsh chemicals in some of the creams can burn the delicate area of your face and, quite literally, leave you scarred for life. Check out products specifically made for facial hair removal including the chin, upper lip and cheeks and use them just once a month to avoid problematic side-effects. If they feel too strong, stop using them and find another method.
Sugaring It’s been around for centuries. Today it takes the forms of a paste and a gel. Both are made with natural things like lemon juice, sugar and water and effectively remove hair for up to six weeks. It’s often favoured over waxing because it doesn’t hurt as much, it’s gentler on sensitive areas of the skin and the traditional paste method can deal with hair growth 1/16 of an inch length as against ¼ inch minimum hair length for waxing.
The art of traditional threading uses a unique string technique to give precise eyebrow shaping – a process best left to practiced professionals. For home use, threading is quick, long-lasting, chemical free, inexpensive and offers a big plus in that, if you can feel the hair, you can remove it.
You can achieve the excellent effects of this remarkable ancient technique by yourself, in your own home, with a special threading device called Epicare®.
Epicare® wands look like little Slinkies and grab multiple hairs out from their roots. Unlike traditional threading you don’t need anyone’s help to use the Epicare® device, you can use it at home, in the office, at school, travel, anywhere. It’s quite easy, quick, convenient, environmentally p.c., very affordable, causes only a little pain and has no known side-effects. It just leaves you with smoother, more beautiful skin. Buy Epicare® today and see the results for yourself.
To use Epicare® you will see two coloured handles at both ends of the tool. Hold each end between your thumb and index finger. Now bend the wand downward from both ends and place it on your face wherever you want to remove unsightly hair. Roll the handles inward and outward continuously until all the unwanted hair has been removed. Simple!
Here are some top tips to get the most from your Epicare® threading wand:
Take a hot shower, steam your face over a bowl or wash your face in warm water to open your pores. The wider they open the easier and more pain-free the hairs will be to remove with Epicare®.
1. Hide your lips by pressing them together. This gives you easier access to the skin above your lip and also keeps your delicate lip skin away from the epilator.
2. Start slow. Until you get the hang of using the wand above your upper lip it will probably hurt but you’ll get used to it.
3. Manually pluck any hairs you missed, using tweezers and a hand mirror.
Epicare® can be used daily to target the tiny, white, downiest hairs to thick dark ones. Unlike other methods it doesn’t leave nasty stubble, cause damage or allergic reactions. Keep it with you at work, at home or on the move to use whenever you need a beauty lift, and be ready to shine.
With Epicare® you’re all set to show off your lovely hair free face within minutes, all in the privacy and comfort of home. Put Epicare® to the test, there really is nothing else like it. Epicare® really does work, see the results for yourself.