Epicare® Beats Copies, Update!

 Hi all, since my last post I thought I’d add some more information about the Epicare copies, or as we like to call them, the wolves disguised in sheep clothing (enter dramatic music here!).

 When “hair removal” is searched for on popular search engines and commonly used online stores such as ebay and amazon, the following tags are usually associated with hair removal products: Epistick, Epilator, Facial Epilator, Facial Hair Remover, Epicare, Beauty Spring, Threading Spring, Hair Remover Tool, Hair Removal Stick, Hair Removal Tool and the list goes on!

 Epicare UK has been selling successfully since 2006 and we are now celebrating our 10th year anniversary. Upon our arrival in the UK, Epicare UK was the first of its kind in the hair removal market, which was closely followed by cheap imitations. Unfortunately, these imitations had the audacity to jump onto the name and fame which Epicare UK has worked so hard for since day one. Although we are unable to control who jumps onto our band wagon, we can say that these imitations are no match to Epicare UK. We here at Epicare UK offer you a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with Epicare.

 So when you’re looking for hair removal products, although you may see similar products with similar names to our much loved Epicare, don’t be fooled. Always remember its most likely going to be a wolf wearing a big woolly jacket disguising itself to be a sheep!

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