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Achieve the remarkable ancient technique known as ‘threading’ – all by yourself! From the comfort of your own home.

What is Epicare®?

It is a easy to use, no hassle facial hair threader.

Not a qualified beautician? Well there is no need, as with Epicare®, you don’t need to be.

Why would you go anywhere else when Epicare® is simple, effective and easy to use, and doesn’t require any expertise?

Having to remove unsightly hair from the upper lip, chin and cheek area, has never been so easy.

No longer, will you have to pay salons, or try dangerous home hair removal remedies.

It saves you money, time, and any embarrassment that other products and remedies can’t!

What makes Epicare® better?

With a very successful worldwide track record, Epicare® has been the favoured method of facial hair removal, since it is considered the safest and most natural way of removing facial hair.

Not only does Epicare® have all the benefits above, it is also a lot milder on the skin than other products and methods. The spring for Epicare® is precisely measured so it cannot nick or cut the skin.

Build your confidence with Epicare®

We are so confident that you will love Epicare®, that in the very unlikely occasion that you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can send it back to us within seven days of your purchase and get a full refund!

Do you love your skin? Well you’ll love Epicare®!

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